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Writing is a mental job that requires strong concentration. You can’t have your mind wondering all over the place (what will I eat for dinner, I need to pay the bills, etc.) while trying to create a character. It takes a lot of mental energy.

So, quietness is the key to writing, right?

Wrong! Or at least for me it’s not the key.

Granted, I don’t want to hear my neighbors raising hell, a dog barking nonstop, children screaming their heads off, or any other disturbance that’s sure to kill my mental peace (I’ve heard all this in the past and could barely concentrate … much less write!).

However, complete silence will make your mind wonder. And since I work on a computer, temptation to browse the internet will grab hold of me; thus, I end up browsing the internet for anything but work related information.

So not productive!

So, what’s my solution to this dilemma? Music.

The Beauty of Music

When I listen to music, I stay focused. My mind is clear and relaxed. I can easily write. My creativity flows as smoothly as a river; making me able to create fictional people that engage readers to the point of either loving or hating them.

So what type of music do I listen to while writing?

I love, love, love instrumental music from the 1970s (old school, baby!). If you were around in that era, you know this type of music well: it was music with nothing but instruments. Little to no singing was present in it.

This marvelous music, in my opinion, was musical creativity at its best. It’s smooth music that’s as refined as disco, Motown, and soul/R&B. Just go to YouTube, and view the positive comments on instrumental musical groups such MFSB ((Mother, Father, Son, Brother).

And speaking of MFSB, they are the masters of this musical genre. Remember the theme song to Soul Train in the 1970s, “TSOP” (The Sound of Philadelphia)? That was recorded by MFSB.

I listen to them as well as “Rise” by Herb Alpert regularly while writing.

It’s a shame this musical genre no longer exists … it long left the airwaves (early 1980s). However, its lively melodies still live on through people who continue to play it … people like me.

So, as long as my livelihood involves creativity, I will likely play MFSB, Herb Alpert, Van McCoy, etc.

Then again, creativity doesn’t have to be the driving force for listening to this old-school music.

It’s simply just good music worth listening to … period.

Discover for yourself by clicking the following song link to hear MFSB: My Mood

What type of music do you listen to while you’re performing a task (cooking, cleaning, working, etc.)? Please share your thoughts by commenting in the box below (scroll down).

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