What Does Happiness Mean to You?


No matter what a person’s ethnicity, social status, or gender is, there’s one thing we all share alike: the desire to be happy. Yes, happiness is something we all crave to be before leaving this world.

However, some of us have different definitions of what happiness is. In fact, what some people consider happiness isn’t it all. Their definition of this emotion can actually lead to emptiness and loneliness. Worse, this can further lead to destructive behavior.

For instance, some women feel they can only be happy if they’re in a relationship – be it companionship or marriage. This is sad because, at some point in life, you’re going to be alone. You could get divorced or widowed. Or you could be in a relationship that has run its course. Either way, you’re going to be alone for a while.

One of my favorite shows, “The Bold and Beautiful” is running a storyline where the main character, Brooke Logan Forrester, is an alcoholic because she’s lonely. She’s never been without a man, so now she’s hitting the bottle because she doesn’t have one.

She’s basing her happiness on being with a man (or if you’re familiar with the show, stealing one). Instead of ruining her health, this fictional character should use this time to rediscover and accept herself (I’ll explain the purpose of this later).

People define happiness in other ways too. In my younger years, I stupidly thought happiness was based on material possessions. If you have a car, house, good job, money, and nice material possessions, then you should be the happiest person in the world – or so I thought.

Not even close.

There are people who have beautiful residences and they’re lonely in it. There are rich people who would give all their money to the world just to be happy. I know people that are thankful to have a job, yet they’re stressed to the point they hate their jobs. And happiness certainly can’t even be defined by a car (especially if you’re driving in traffic as crazy as this in my city!).

So what does happiness mean?

Defining Happiness

To me, happiness is something that begins with you. Not material possessions, marriage, money, a job, etc. Since happiness comes from within you, this means acceptance.

You have to accept yourself in order to be happy with yourself. Too many people today don’t embrace this vital fact. Instead, they idolize celebrities; wishing for their lives. But guess what? These people can be unhappy too! And even if they are, you shouldn’t wish for their lives. Focus on your own life; make yourself happy.

Once you accept yourself, you can deal with life and its adversities better – much better. I think this is possible because you’ll accept adversities as temporary setbacks that you will eventually rise above. Thus, it can’t defeat you; for you’re a winner.

I heard a spiritual leader once say “if you wait until your all circumstances are right to be happy, then you’ll never be happy. Because life will always throw your tribulations.” This is so true.

So, no more do I look for happiness in material possessions. Granted, I enjoy having nice things, but it can’t bring me the happiness that I deserve. I’ve also stopped waiting for certain events to occur in my life before I finally declare my happiness. Only I can reach within myself and do that.

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One thought on “What Does Happiness Mean to You?

  1. I love this post. Happiness IS what everyone desires. I have always believed that health and happiness (in that order) are the two most important things in life. Without our health, we’d be dead; without happiness, we’d have no desire to live. They are the ultimate foundation of our life. Everything else comes after: goals, events, achievements, possessions, even other people (relationships). And you’re right: it all begins (and ends) with us; we must decide to be healthy and happy, and it starts from within.

    For me, happiness is feeling content with myself and my life. It is feeling confident and assured that I and my life are okay just the way they are. Happiness, to me, is also a feeling of connectedness with life and others – feeling a part of the world I live in, that I belong and I’m right where I should be. I can say that I am happy.

    I do know, first hand, that possessions do not bring happiness. If anything, they bring unhappiness. This is because it can become an addiction to try to fulfill one’s happiness with possessions. It is fun to buy new things, but the feeling doesn’t last, so more things are desired. It’s a never-ending cycle.

    Some of the happiest people in the world have very little – no job, no possessions – such as monks who meditate all day 🙂 I think the more money a person has, the unhappier they are. Money does not bring happiness. It only brings greed and suffering. Happiness comes from within. It is a feeling experienced on the inside that is dependent upon one’s state of mind, not anything external.

    As far as relationships, I believe that I am one of those who feel better being in a relationship. I hope that someday when I am alone I will eventually be at peace with it. I actually think that I will be able to be happiest then, because none of my happiness will be dependent on another person. Only then could I say I was at ultimate peace with myself and truly happy.

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