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messy marvin

I recently completed reading another eBook. This one was by a self-published author named Kaye Wright. It’s entitled “Messy Marvin.”

“Messy Marvin” is an autobiographical account of a young woman struggling for survival in an abusive relationship. The more her controlling boyfriend, Marvin, abuses her, the deeper she slips into the darkness that accompanies abuse: identity loss, hopelessness, and fear.

There seems to be a long period of darkness for the main character; however, she eventually gains the strength to find her way out of it … but not without meeting dangerous consequences in the process.

It’s during this period that the author goes from being a naïve girl to a courageous woman – building her own strength in the face of adversity.

The story is told in vivid details that I imagine was difficult for her to recall. However, she managed to push aside her pain for the sake of telling her excruciating story.

Though I’ve had the blessing of not being in an abusive relationship, I’ve had relatives in such situations. Given this, I could understand the author’s family’s concern regarding her safety against the dangerous lunatic she’s chosen as a lover.

Overall I liked the book. I was disappointed that she made excuses for Marvin’s ruthless behavior. However, as she explained, this is the psyche of an abused woman.

I was glad when she finally gained the courage to take control of her life again – making this my favorite part of the book. Prior to this, it was heartbreaking to read about someone being treated so vile.

So, do I recommend this eBook to readers? Yes. I recommend it particularly to women in the following situations:

  • Women who are in an abusive relationship. This eBook provides them with a reality check of why they need to get out this dangerous situation ASAP.
  • Women interested in a man who’s already showing a controlling side. This story can help them understand what can happen if they move forward in a relationship doomed for destruction.

I also recommend it to:

  • Anyone who knows a woman in an abusive relationship. They can learn the psyche of an abused woman and how they need to offer to help her – if the woman is willing to seek it.

“Messy Marvin” is downloadable at Amazon.

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