Virtual Read: Love in San Juan

Love in San Juan

Love is beautiful. It’s because of its beauty that love stories are a pleasure to read.

And speaking of a good love story, I enjoyed reading a fictional love story last year. Its title is “Love in San Juan” by Vinny Kapoor.

Here’s my review of this 22 page eBook:

This is a beautiful love story. The author did a wonderful job in showing that love is not only beautiful when it’s between the right persons, but also between two ethnicities.

In fact, this love story is so beautiful that it’s more captivating than a story overfilled with explicit sexual scenes.

I like that Mr. Kapoor chose to write about two minorities from two different backgrounds falling in love. This is rarely written, so it’s refreshing to see an author’s vision of it happening.

I admire the determination of the characters to make their love work. I hope the author writes a follow-up to this story. You grow to care about these characters instantly, and I’m anxious to know whether they survive the dilemmas that often befall interracial couples.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what your ethnicities are. All that matters is love, for there’s nothing in this world more beautiful than it. And Mr. Kapoor does an excellent job in reminding his readers of this reality.

This is a must-read for people who believe in love.

“Love in San Juan” is downloadable at Amazon.

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