Virtual Read: A Day in the Life of the Pointless and Average

shelly hammond

Have you ever at one point in life felt like you didn’t have a purpose for living?

Surely, we all have. That’s the case with this eBook, written by indie author Shelly Hammond.

This short eBook is about Evan Smith, an average guy living an average life. Throughout the story, he believes that his life serves no purpose. Although he’s not suicidal, he is a bit “down in the dumps.” He’s feeling this way because he feels his absence on earth wouldn’t make any difference to anyone.

He’s wrong about this. While on his way to work, we see examples of how Evan’s life manages to impact others in a positive way – though he’s blind to this reality. The author wonderfully brings the stories together at the end; showing readers that one man does have the ability to impact others’ lives.

This story is one that’s believable because so many of us go through life believing we don’t make a difference. We feel that the world would either be better without us or others wouldn’t notice our absence. However, I admire how the author showed that even in the littlest of ways, we have the ability to impact others’ lives.

My favorite character throughout the story was Evan. He was a good guy – though I think he thought too little of himself. In fact, if I could change one thing about the story, Evan would have been aware of his value in this life to others.

Then at the same time, the author made an excellent point having a character like Evan. He shows that there are people of such nature in existence.

I could relate to Evan; I think anyone can. We’ve all at some point in our lives felt like we didn’t matter.

I liked this story. The characters were well-rounded and realistic. I think the author was right in keeping the story as short as possible. It was the right length to make its point. And some stories don’t require hundreds of pages to do that.

I recommend this story to anyone who feels they have little to no value in this world. It will clearly show him or her that we all have value. We all have a purpose for living in this life.

“A Day in the Life of the Pointless and Average” is downloadable at Amazon.

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