Virtual Read: A Child of a Crackhead (Part 1)

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I just finished reading another eBook worth recommending. It’s called “A Child of a Crackhead.” The author of this urban lit is Shameek Speight. He’s the digital version of the late Donald Goines, a pioneer of urban fiction.

So, here’s my review of “A Child of a Crackhead”:

“A Child of a Crackhead” is about the lives of Michael Ice, Sr. and his son, Michael Jr.

Michael Sr., who is known on the streets as Black Ice, is a drug dealer. He rules the streets as well as his home in a barbarism manner that leaves no doubt he’s evil.

He shows no mercy to anyone – including his own son. In fact, when he looks into Michael Jr.’s dark eyes, he sees a reflection of what others see in his own eyes: ruthlessness.

Michael Jr. is only six years old throughout most of the story. However, his youth doesn’t hinder him from protecting his mother, Rachel, from his father’s barbaric nature – as best he can. He loves his mother so much, that the pain Black Ice afflicts upon her makes Michael’s hatred from his father greater.

There are countless scenes where Black Ice shows his heart is merciless; each scene seems to be more evil than the previous one.

While some people might find Michael Sr. unbelievable, there are heartless people like him in existence, especially in the drug world. I’m sure most readers will discover that they either know or knew someone similar to Black Ice – regardless whether that person was involved in drugs.

In my opinion, by no means is the author “stretching for reality.” He wrote realistically, and he wrote it well!

I liked how Michael Jr. was very protective of his mother – he was so strong at such a young age! The bond he and Rachel had was unbreakable even in the midst of her own struggles. He’s the kind of loving and devoted son all mothers want.

I truly despised Black Ice. How could someone be so cold to others without having any guilt? I especially detest the cruel things he did to his own son. In my opinion, it’s like Black Ice “got off” on his own dirty deeds. It seems like he aimed to get dirtier in his actions every time he harmed someone. He wasn’t kind to anyone. Nobody was immune from the venomous blood that ran throughout his evil soul.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. In fact, when I completed it, I missed the story. I missed it because I wanted to know what happened to the characters that were caught up in Black Ice’s madness.

I recommend this eBook to anyone who’s curious about hardcore urban life. The author wrote this story from experience; so, it can’t get any realer than what he’s given us.

It should be noted that this eBook is part of a series.

“A Child of a Crackhead” is downloadable at Amazon.

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