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Her Married Lover

Her Married Lover

Infidelity Has its Consequences.

Regina Matthews is an independent, single mother who falls in love with Cole Carter.

This is sinfully wrong for one reason: he’s married.

Whereas she knows he’s married, Cole’s wife, Lisa, is unaware of their love affair. She’s too preoccupied with grief regarding her three miscarriages.

While she’s worrying about her ability to have a baby, things are heating up between Cole and Regina.

When Lisa discovers their affair, tension erupts; thus, forcing her to fight for her marriage. Despite her efforts, however, Cole makes an announcement that will change her life forever.

This announcement leads to hell breaking loose. As a result of its wrath, Regina learns the consequences of infidelity, as well as a startling discovery about her married lover.

This eBook will be published exclusively on Amazon.