“Tomorrow Never Comes”

Tomorrow Never Comes

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I feel so proud to announce the publication of my first fiction eBook. It’s entitled “Tomorrow Never Comes.” It’s available for download on Amazon now.

I’m so excited!

I’m excited for two reasons:

1) In nearly 19 years of writing, this is the first time writing has been credited to my birth name. I’ve always either ghostwritten or used a pseudonym. No more. This eBook represents the real me as an author: stories that are deep and creative.

2) I get a chance to share my work with others. I really do love it when people enjoy my work. Besides the writing, entertaining readers is the greatest pleasure for a writer. And I do hope this story will be entertaining … it was an interesting write!

Summary of “Tomorrow Never Comes”

“Tomorrow Never Comes” is about Bernice Albright, a woman determined to honor her deceased mother’s dying wish: take care of her babies, Marlena and Rico Brown. While she raised her younger siblings well, adulthood finds them in troubling situations: Rico is a drug addict and Marlena is in an abusive marriage.

As the presumed matriarch, Bernice reunites them in an effort to help them overcome their problems. Her siblings’ circumstances, however, overtake any hope of “tomorrow being a better day” – a belief that their late mother always believed in.

Overall, this is a story about family loyalty, and how the wrong decisions they make can have a negative impact on an entire family.

What’s Next?

I will return to writing “Her Married Lover.” I know … this was supposed to be my first published eBook. I had every intention of it being the first, but it’s going to be a lengthy book. I wanted to present something for people to read right now … and hopefully enjoy.

And of course, there’s more eBooks beyond this one too! So, stay tuned. I’m just getting started!

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