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I think the above advice is awesome! Here’s why I agree with it 100%:

Playing the victim card only makes you look weak. Let’s face it: society has no respect for weak people. They use them up until there’s nothing else left to use.

Making excuses only keeps you from facing reality, and in order to move forward, you must deal with reality.

Letting society tell you how to live your live will lead to unhappiness. While society might think they know what’s best for you, only you can make this determination.

Trying to make other people happy will also make you unhappy. Just the same, you can’t rely on others to make you happy. Everybody is responsible for their own happiness.

Doubting yourself is an easy route to failure. This is because you’ll believe you’re incapable of achieving greatness.

Enjoying time alone allows you time to learn new things about yourself. This is a grand opportunity for growth.

Turning off your gadgets and going outside is a good way to see God’s beauty. Sunshiny days are beautiful and meant to be enjoyed (just be careful of the bugs!).

Positive thinking will lead to greatness. You’ll have the confidence to work towards success.

Believing in yourself will show the world you’re confident and can’t be defeated by even the toughest obstacle.

Making your own happiness is the best way to live. Only you know what makes you happy.

Expressing your creativity brings out the artist in you. We all have something to say, so express it in words, paintings, songs … any way you’re comfortable with self expression.

Acknowledging your dreams, wishes, or desires will lead to you fulfilling them. Don’t let these die with you. You could have something worth sharing with the world.

Make everything you want to happen by working towards it. Dreams only become reality with hard work.

Making your own happiness tips are things that especially make you appreciate life; thus, making you happy.

Helping others realize they can make their own happiness is a good way to help others. Just make sure you’re not controlling their lives.

So, if you want a richer, happier life, I believe in my heart that you need to stop the bad habits and start the good ones. And this advice is good information to follow.

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