The Meaning Behind “I Love You”

I Love You Pinterest Image

As we go farther in time, there seems to be a phrase that’s losing meaning: I love you. People seem to have the slightest clue what it means to love someone these days.

The above image, which I found on Pinterest, best explains what “I love you” means.

What “I Love You” Doesn’t Mean

There is power in words. That’s why people need to know what it means to love someone.

Loving someone doesn’t mean:

  • Beating your spouse/companion
  • Talking to him or her badly
  • Cheating on your mate

In other words, if you love someone, you’re not going to treat them like crap. You’re going to treat them as good as gold.

So, please read the “I love you” image above. Afterwards, ask yourself these crucial questions:

  • Do you love the person you’re with?
  • Does that person love you?

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