The Emergence of a Writer

Childhood, 1970s


When I was a child, my sister, who’s 11 years older than me, would read romance magazines. If you were grocery shopping back in the day, you clearly remember seeing the following magazines displayed at the checkout counters:

  • Jive
  • Bronze Thrills
  • Black Confessions
  • Black Romance
  • Black Secrets
  • True Black Experience
  • True Black Passions
  • True Black Secrets

Not only did my sister enjoy reading these fascinating love stories, I did too … despite being younger than twelve!

I wasn’t old enough to date or kiss, yet I was reading about all this grown folks stuff. This happened for two reasons:

1) I hated childhood. I was just a child waiting to get grown so I could become a lifetime member of the “grown folks club”. So reading about grown folks stuff was appealing to me.

2) I was being prepared to start a literary career based on writing stories about women facing the adversities of life.

Who would’ve thought that a decade later, this same magazine publisher – Sterling MacFadden – would be publishing stories ghostwritten by me? Well, they did – 19 of them. And I’m so glad that they did because it helped me find my voice as a storyteller for an amazing group of people: women.

Yes, we women can be amazing. We can be nice; we can be naughty. We can even be downright nasty to the point of bitchy (don’t get mad with the truth!).

We can also be loving wives, mothers, friends, as well as powerful businesspeople running companies a helluva lot better than men!

In short, women can be dominant in these roles and more. That’s why I love writing fictional stories about the strengths and flaws that come with being a woman.

Welcome to My Literary World

When I wrote my first short story, “Jealousy will Kill,” at age 14, I had no idea I’d embark on a publishing career. I just wanted to be a Public Relations Specialist for a big corporation such as Coca-Cola.

I’m so glad God had a much better plan than mine! This is far more becoming of my nature than being in the coldness called corporate America.

So, given my livelihood’s purpose, I’d like to inform you of the first eBook I will be publishing:

“Her Married Lover”

This is a story about a single, lonely mother loving a married man. As if his cheating isn’t bad enough, this married man has a depressed wife at home that he completely ignores (she’s depressed over having suffered three miscarriages).

The nerve of this bastard!

I’ll provide more details on this story as time goes on … just as I’ll be publishing more eBooks in the future.

It’s my greatest hope that readers will enjoy reading my stories just as much as I enjoy writing them. And as a result, will follow me on this blog as well as throughout social media.

After all, I’m just getting started telling stories!

Until next week, be blessed!

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