The Comfort of Working at Home: Bedroom Shoes

Imagine working in the workforce with these pink slippers to work … as if people don’t gossip enough at work!
Imagine working in an office in these pink bedroom shoes … as if people don’t gossip enough at work!


People wonder what the greatest comfort about working at home is. There are many comforts: having your own workspace, creating your own hours, having peace minus office drama … the list goes on.

One great comfort I can think of now is a simple one: bedroom shoes.

I’m not fond of shoes. I wear a size 6½, which oftentimes makes it difficult for me to find shoes. And regardless what type of shoe I wear, my flat feet will still ache.

As a novelist, you’ve got to have strong concentration in order to breathe life into fictional stories. You also must be active on social media – keep in mind this is the technology age.

You can’t be creative or sociable when your feet are aching. This is hindering because your focus should be on your work, not your feet.

So, working at home allows me to wear bedroom shoes, which are kind to my feet. I’m quite sure wearing these shoes to an office job would be a big “no-no.”

So, whether I’m creating characters or socializing on social media, you can bet I’m doing it comfortably in my bedroom shoes!

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2 thoughts on “The Comfort of Working at Home: Bedroom Shoes

  1. My favorite thing about working from home is not having to leave the house early in the morning. I used to be a terrible morning person and was always late to work. Now I get to be asleep/awake during the times that are right for me. I can get up early if I want or I can sleep a little extra if I need it. What goes along with this is not having to use an alarm clock anymore. It is an absolute joy to work from home!

    1. Hi Christine,
      I know exactly what you mean about not having to leave the house early. It’s a pure pleasure not having to deal with traffic, esp. if you live in a city where it’s murderous. However, I still use an alarm clock because I get up early to exercise.

      Thanks for commenting!

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