The Biggest Mistake

special you

Women are especially guilty of the above quote. How many of us know a woman who is smart and successful, yet they place all of their value on their partners – ignoring their own self-worth?

For some women, the person they’re placing so much value on is worthless. They’re a big fat “0.” They are just glad that someone is foolishly building them up to be something they’re not.

Ladies, we mustn’t lose ourselves in our spouses or partners. There’s nothing wrong with complimenting the person you love or being observant of their value – given they’re worth it.

However, don’t build them up while overlooking your own self-worth. Remember, you too are a jewel. You are worthy of love and compassion.

You are a queen!

Reality check: if you don’t realize your own self-worth, guess what? That person that you’re putting on a pedestal won’t either. They’ll be too busy enjoying you bloating their conceited heads!

In short, always remember that you are special!

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