The Best Revenge to Infidelity

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Picture this: you just found out that your man (be it your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband) is cheating on you. You’re hurt; you’re hysterical!

You want to cut some body parts off (the ones that aren’t legally visible) while screaming every profane name created by man in their faces.

In other words, you’re mad as hell and you want those who stirred you up to feel your wrath … you want them to pay with their own blood.

While you’re entitled to your anger, you must ask yourself this: besides running your blood pressure up, what good does it do you to carry out your revenge against these two people? They still might be together – even if they have to find a way.

Furthermore, what good are you bringing to yourself by cutting off body parts? The worst thing you’re cutting off is your freedom because you’re going to jail!

So, my point is this: if your man cheats on you, take the advice above: let the other woman keep him.

And here’s why I state this:

If he was any good in the first place, he wouldn’t have cheated on you. The “man thief” will soon find out that karma comes around real fast!

And to sweeten the revenge: don’t hold animosity. Sure, you’ll be angry and hurt for a while. That’s only normal. After all, who welcomes the opportunity to be cheated on?

However, sometimes what you think is a tragedy turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

In other words, the man you just lost probably wasn’t right for you anyway. Good riddance! It opens the door for someone better to come along.

Author and talk show host Steve Harvey said it best: you can’t lose a good man.

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Will she or won’t she? You’ll have to read it to find out!

Until next week, be blessed!

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