Strength vs. Beauty: Which One is Better?


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In my fictional eBook, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” there are two factors present: strength and beauty.

Bernice Albright, the eldest sibling, is courageous in the face of adversity. She has faced many obstacles that in the end, strengthen her.

Marlena Mason-Brown, the middle sibling, is an exotically, beautiful woman. Unfortunately, years of spousal abuse has weakened her. She has no strength for survival.

If you read the story, you know how life goes for these two sisters in regards to their strength and beauty. So, which is better – strength or beauty?

In my opinion, strength is better.

Life can be complicated. There are things happening in our world today that requires you to be strong. If you are not, then you will surely fall.

As for beauty, there’s nothing wrong with being a beautiful woman. However, what’s the use in possessing beauty, and when “life happens” (as it often will), you can not handle it?  People will forget about your beauty during this time.

The Best of Both Worlds

Fortunately, women can be beautiful and courageous. There are plenty of women like this. One prime example is the late Coretta Scott King. She was a beautiful woman who was also courageous in her fight for civil rights.

And there are plenty more such women.

So which do you think is better – beauty or strength (you can only choose one!)? Please share your thoughts by commenting in the box below (scroll down).

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