Virtual Read: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”


I’m like your typical author: I like to write and read. And I love to read a good story – no matter what the season is. I certainly didn’t care that it wasn’t Christmas when I recently read “I’ll be Home for Christmas” by bestselling author Zane.

“I’ll be Home for Christmas” is the story of Noelle Mitchell, a woman who ran away from home at age fifteen with her boyfriend. Years passed before her family sees her again, and when they do, it’s on Christmas Day.

Her unexpected arrival can either make Christmas memorable or miserable; after all, they were affected emotionally by her thirteen year absence. And Noelle learns exactly how they feel.

The Mitchell family also learns why Noelle left and stayed away – information unbeknownst to them until this Christmas Day.

Despite its short length, Zane does a fine job in showing her readers that all families have tribulations that can either destroy or strengthen them. I’m glad she showed this reality in her fictional story. Too often people forget that no family is perfect.

Who hasn’t heard someone say, “I wish my family was like that family” or “they’re the perfect family.”

Simply put: every family has secrets; no family is exempt from tribulations. It just takes strength and a whole lot of forgiveness to overcome these problems.

Thank you, Zane, for this touch of reality.

This book is recommended for anyone looking for a good, short read – it’s only 23 pages. If you’re a fan of Zane’s erotica stories, please note this isn’t one of them. However, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this story. It just shows there’s more to this talented writer than erotica.

Don’t wait until the holidays to read this story! Instead take a virtual break today with Zane’s “I’ll be Home for Christmas.

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