Much Love for Dog and Work

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I love writing. It’s more than just a livelihood for me. It’s a passion.

I also love Golden Retrievers. In my opinion, this large, long-coated breed is not only intelligent, friendly, and loyal. They’re also beautiful.

I think they’re the most beautiful dogs to ever walk, run, and bark on earth.

Maybe I’m prejudice in my favorable opinion of the Golden Retriever. Whether or not you like this breed or dogs at all, you’ve got to admit that the above picture is cute! That’s why I wanted to share it – out of love for my writing and the Golden Retriever.

What do you think of the above picture? Share your thoughts, including your favorite dog breed (or if you even like dogs!)by commenting in the box below (scroll down).

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Until next time, have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Much Love for Dog and Work

  1. Very cute picture – and a funny message! I like Golden Retrievers too. They’re very loveable and sweet, and I’ve always liked them because I’ve never been afraid of one. But my grandparents had a Boxer once who I loved. He was very energetic, playful, cute, and innocent. I picture that all Boxers are that way, but I’m not sure. But I still think they’re really cute with their pushed up noses and wrinkly eyebrows 🙂 Thanks for this cheerful post!

    1. Hi Christine,

      My grandmother had a Boxer too. I was very young when she had him, but I was told that he’d follow you around the apartment – if you have a bag of potato chips! Golden Retrievers are so sweet. They’re sure to put a smile on anybody’s face. Thanks for commenting!

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