Ladies, Beware of the Mama Haters

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Unfortunately, there are men who verbally and physically abuse women. These stoned hearted men never speak a kind word or do a generous act for a woman.

Men like this hate women. Chances are, for a lot of them, the first woman they hate is the woman responsible for bringing them into the world: their mother.

Why Hate Mama?

Why do men of this nature hate their mothers? The reasons vary among men. For the purpose of example, let’s use my character, Otis Mason, of “Tomorrow Never Comes.”

Otis hated his mother was a passion. In fact, he rejoiced over her death. He hated her because she left him and his father for another man when he was 11 years old (read Otis’ story here).

It’s obvious that his mother didn’t consider her child’s happiness; only her own. This was indeed a selfish act. As a result of her selfishness, Otis grew up to hate all women. In his young mind, all women were like his mother – untrustworthy. They were the enemy.

To worsen matters, his father’s advice on how to treat women further poisoned his young mind against women.

Sadly, Otis sought no professional help to rid himself of the animosity he felt against his mother. Instead, he used his inner turmoil as a valid reason to mistreat women. Thus, Marlena was an abused wife – all because of Otis’ longstanding hatred against his mother.

Now, let’s be honest: there isn’t an adult alive whose parent didn’t make a mistake during their child’s childhood in some manner. Otis’ mother was wrong – dead wrong – for leaving her son for another man; overlooking his well-being. And he had every right to be enraged at her.


When Otis became an adult, he should’ve sought forgiveness regarding his mother’s actions. His ongoing anger caused him a chance to be a good husband and father. He was instead a bad person whose evilness destroyed his family.

In short, you aren’t responsible for what your parents do to you during your childhood. However, when you become an adult, you are responsible for your own actions. It’s up to you to forgive those who hurt you.

Remember, forgiveness is more so for you than the other person!

Now is this easy to do? Absolutely not! Forgiveness is seldom, if ever, easy. However, it is necessary for your own sake, so you can live a healthy and happy life. Otherwise, you will remain stuck in anger and the past … not a healthy way to live whatsoever.

Had Otis done this very act (forgiveness), his marriage and life would’ve been a good one. This story would’ve had a totally different ending.

But he didn’t. And there a lot of men like him who don’t deal with their mama issues.

So, ladies, beware of any man who hates his mother. She’s a female too, and if he hates the woman who gave him life, he’ll hate the one he’s sharing his life with just as much.

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