I’m No Longer Your Punching Bag!

black woman abusedImage courtesy of Romance Meets Life/Creative Commons

This is a poem about an abused woman who has reached her limits. 

Today I take a stand
Against your violent hand.
I tell you once and for all
You best to hit the wall.

For I’m no longer your punching bag!

You use your worldly rage
As a reason to kick me in my rib cage.
You yell at me that I’m a worthless piece of shit
That deserves to be hit.

You treat me worse than a dog.
You even tell me I’m as ugly as a frog.
Your never-ending wrath
Burns me worse than a hot steam bath.

Our lovemaking is terrible.
It’s actually unbearable.
How can I enjoy it
When I’ve just been hit?

You think my world ends without you
But that’s clearly untrue.
You sicken me like the stomach flu.
Oh, I hate the day I said “I do” to you!

Before the abuse started
I couldn’t imagine us parted.
Our love was so deep,
That I swore it would keep
Us together forever.
I look now, however,
In your eyes and see death
As you aim to take away my last breath.

I won’t let you kill me
For I’m going to flee.
There’ll be no more pain
Or a chance for you to explain
That you “love” me.

No more you will knock me to the floor
While calling me a stupid whore.
No more will you control me
And make me plea
For my life
While threatening me with a butcher knife.

I’m here to say
That on this very day
I’m no longer your punching bag!

©2015 Pamela Jones

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