Good Person, Bad Choices

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She raised her siblings well, but as they became adults, they made choices that caused their lives to be a living hell.

-Excerpt, “Tomorrow Never Comes.”

It’s common nowadays to see a person living a life that’s entirely wrong for them. They know the consequences of their choices – be it witnessing it firsthand or being warned – yet they stepped into the fire anyway. It’s hard to understand why people make bad decisions when they know consequences will follow.

Here’s one thing that should be known about people in these situations: not everyone that makes bad choices are bad people. Furthermore, they weren’t raised bad either.

Some people facing bad situations actually had good upbringings. They had someone tell them the differences between right and wrong; the good and bad ways of life. Nonetheless, they fell into the trappings associated with making bad choices. As a result, they face consequences that are beyond intolerable.

Such examples are the characters of my eBook, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” Marlena Brown-Mason and Rico Brown.

Marlena was a good person. Despite her goodness, she made a bad choice: she married an abusive man. She unwisely believed he was right for her – although signs showing otherwise were visible prior to their marriage.

Those signs were as follows:

  • Otis’ admitted hatred for his mother (a surefire sign that a man has issues with women)
  • Otis hit Marlena three months before their marriage
  • He yelled at her in public.
  • He forced her to quit working so she could be more accessible to his brutality.

In short, based on a wrong choice, good-natured Marlena was an abused wife.

The same goes for Rico. Like Marlena, he was a good person. However, along the course of life (in his teen years to be exact), he started using drugs. This was definitely a bad decision that led to his downfall in numerous ways.

So, the point is this: just because a person is in a dangerous dilemma doesn’t mean they’re a bad person. They could have either gotten lost along the course of life (like Rico) or are blinded by a fantasy (like Marlena).

Either way, people like Marlena and Rico are good people. And as people like them deal with the consequences of wrong choices, let’s hope they will eventually make the right choices that will lead them a better life.

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