Free Download Update- Thank You!

Thank You

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On August 27-29th, “Tomorrow Never Comes” was available for free download. These were three good days:

“Tomorrow Never Comes was downloaded 1,140 times (thank you, Jesus!). As a result, my eBook was in the top ten for free downloads on Amazon.

Thank you, readers, for making this possible. I appreciate your interest in my story and want to use this week’s blog post to thank you. This means so much to me as a writer. It encourages me to move forward with my publishing career.

I further hope that this will be the beginning of readers becoming fans. I’d appreciate this and will strive to keep your interest by entertaining you with great stories.

Tell Me Your Thoughts!

Feedback is crucial information for authors. It lets us know how readers feel about our work. So, if you have not already, I’d appreciate feedback on “Tomorrow Never Comes.” Your opinion does matter!

Here’s a link to Amazon to write your review:

If you have a blog or account with Goodreads, I’d appreciate a review there as well.

If you want to send me personal feedback, go ahead and email me. Just click on the “contact me” tab.

Again, thank you for your literary support. Much love to all of you!


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