Family is Love

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This past weekend, I spent a few hours with my mother and sister. As usual, we had a wonderful time just talking. We talked about family, current events – life in general.

When the evening was over, we had created loving memories that we will treasure throughout our lives.

This is what family is about, or at least should be.

You could feel the love amongst us. And it’s always been that way. No matter what disagreements we had, love still held us together as a family.

Most of our family is deceased and like the average family, those that remain have scattered. My mother, sister, and I, however, stay close together; carrying one another in our hearts and prayers.

This is the basis for “Tomorrow Never Comes.”

Bernice and family were close regardless of what tribulations came their way. No amount of pain could destroy the love that bound them together as a family.

After all, family is love … or at least it should be.

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