Drugs Are Not the Answer to Pain


We all have issues in life that bug us. It keeps our minds racing with questions such as “why did that have to happen?” or “did he/she mean that?” No matter your race, socioeconomic, gender or age, we all experience something in life that makes us think hard … very hard.

Oftentimes, these issues shape our personalities. It can make us mistrusting of others, needy of love, steeped in denial, etc. When you see a person, you never know where life has taken them.

Some people turn to a crutch as a means of dealing with painful memories. These crutches aren’t the types you lean on when nursing an injured leg or knee. Instead, it’s substances such as drugs or alcohol.

It’s common knowledge that this leads to an addiction. You’re worse off because you’re not only dealing with previous issues, but now an addiction as well. In short, you’ve doubled your troubles.

Addictions are no way to handle life. If anything, it only makes your issues worse. Keep in mind, you can’t see things clearly when you’re under the influence. In addition, addictions overtake your life to the point that you’re no longer able to function in normal everyday activities such as work, tending to your family, etc.

This is the situation with Rico Brown in my eBook “Tomorrow Never Comes.”

Rico couldn’t deal with his mother’s death and the fact that his father walked out on his family. He decided to deal with his pain by using drugs. As a result of his drug usage, he lost a big shot at stardom and something more valuable (read his character profile here).

A Better Way to Deal with Pain

Addictions are destructive and should never be engaged in as an escape from one’s pain. Instead, consider the following five suggestions for dealing with life’s challenges:

Engage in prayer or meditation. Getting spiritually connected is the ultimate way to deal with a problem. It helps you see clearly and get guidance on the path you should take in order to heal.

Talk to someone. Be it a trusting friend or family member, express your pain. If necessary, seek professional help.

Don’t live in denial. When you live in denial, it only worsens a problem because you’ve yet to face the truth. So, no matter how painful a situation is, in order to move on, you must accept it as a fact that happened.

Stay positive. There’s no worse way to live than negatively. Avoid living like this at all costs by surrounding yourself with positive people and speaking positive words into the universal.

Let go of the past. Obsessing over something that happened to you in the past only makes you a prisoner of the past. You constantly have negative thoughts that disable you from moving forward in life. And there’s only right direction, and that’s forward!

Life is short, and the last thing you want to do is rush your time by having addictions that will drive you into an early grave. So, take the advice above and deal with your painful past in a positive way that will lead you to a better future.

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2 thoughts on “Drugs Are Not the Answer to Pain

  1. This is a great post, Pamela. You are absolutely right in everything you’ve said. Being addicted to substances is a miserable state of mind for the addict. It is a mental illness. It hurts the addict’s family as well. Drugs, and even alcohol, are no joke. They are very addicting substances and should be used with caution or not at all. It is possible for an addict to abstain from drugs and alcohol and change their lifestyle to a healthy one. Anyone can change if they find the motivation and support to do so 🙂

    1. Your thoughts are so truthful, especially about motivation and support. Failure to make a positive change will definitely lead to a worse path. Thanks, Christine, for the compliment as well as sharing your thoughts.

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