Coffee: The Writer’s Beverage


I am Annie Jones’ granddaughter (bless her sweet, departed soul). She would sit in her chair with her two long, salt & pepper Indian braids, watch her soap opera, and drink a hot cup of Maxwell coffee.

Some thirty plus years later, I too drink a hot cup of coffee while creating a soap opera i.e., women’s fiction. It’s how I love to begin my work.

I’ve expanded my choice of coffee, however, to include Jamaican coffee … deliciously rich and creamy!

For me, a day without coffee is like a day without rest … hard.

Is Coffee an Author’s Thing?

I look forward to my work every day, and having a large cup of this aromatic beverage makes it more exciting. With each sip, creative thoughts form within my mind. Words seem to flow more smoothly.

Compelling characters are born to entertain readers.

So, given this, is it possible that coffee is a powerful and tasteful beverage that jumpstarts our creative minds?

When I read about other authors, I notice that they too drink coffee while writing. So, maybe it is like an alarm clock to the brain; waking it up to do a creative day of work.

Or maybe we authors just love to drink this delicious beverage … period.

Either way, I love to write while drinking a cup of coffee mixed with creamer and sweetener.

Oh, how it’s heavenly delicious … and helpful.

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