Character Voice: Otis Mason

Tomorrow Never Comes

WARNING: This blog post contains obscene language. By no means does it reflect my views. It is strictly the viewpoint of the fictional character.

Otis Mason is Marlena’s husband  in “Tomorrow Never Comes.”

My name is Otis Lamar Mason. I was born in March of 1968 in Birmingham. According to my grandma, it was hot the day I was born … really hot. My girlfriend once joked about this saying “it was hot because Satan’s child was being born that day … you!”

I bust that bitch in the mouth. She didn’t talk shit like that to me again, and she had better not either. She would’ve got something a whole lot worse!

You see, I live by my father’s rule: beat a woman’s ass or be a stupid ass.

My dad wasn’t raised to beat women. He didn’t even argue with his two sisters.

The person who made him despise women was Lois Mason … his wife, my mother.

My dad gave that woman whatever she wanted. She didn’t want to work, so he let her be a housewife. She wanted nice possessions (car, house, furniture, clothes, etc.). So he worked two jobs – fulltime as a welder and part-time as a security guard – to give her this stuff.

The more he worked, the more she wanted. We weren’t a rich family; we even had a few hard times financially. Still, my dad always made sure my mom had everything she wanted. He made sure every bill was paid so she wouldn’t have to worry about anything being cut off.

All he asked for in return was her love. That’s it – nothing more.

And would this selfish bitch give it to him? No! Instead she gave it to some asshole named Willie Me. This wasn’t his real last name, but people called him that because the only person he cared about was himself. This fool was so selfish that if he saw an old woman fall in the street, he’d let her stay there. He didn’t want to ruin his clothes by helping her up.

Willie Me was the most self-centered bastard I’d ever seen, and my mom was madly in love with this fool. I don’t know why – maybe because they had selfishness in common. All I know is she loved a man who didn’t give a damn about her, while treating one who did like pure shit.

And I hated her for this. I hated her for disregarding my dad like disposable trash … leaving him for that ego asshole. And I hated her for doing the same thing to me too.

I can still remember the day she threw us away: November 10, 1979.

I was 11 years old at the time. I was in bed sick with the flu. I overheard her telling my dad that she was leaving for good. “I’m tired of living a lie, Gilbert,” she said. “I don’t love you anymore. It’s time for me to live the truth; to be with the man I love. I’m gonna be with Willie.”

She was as cold as winter with her words. She didn’t care that my dad had given her the world. She didn’t care that I was her son – sick with the flu.

She didn’t care that she was breaking our hearts.

All she cared about was being with a man as selfish as her … that selfish bitch!

I got out of bed and saw an image that I’ve never been able to get out of my head: my dad standing at the door, and pulling on her orange blouse while begging her not to leave him. He was on the verge of tears.

There’s something else I never got out of my head: she didn’t tell me goodbye. She just glanced over at me standing in the middle of the living room. She wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence … she treated me like I was worthless shit instead of her sick child.

She walked out the door with two suitcases. She got in Willie’s 1979 Cadillac Deville and left. I never saw that bitch again.

My dad was never the same after that. That ho’ was the love of his life. He waited for her to come back for three months. When she sent him divorce papers four months after leaving, he knew it was over.

That’s when he started drinking. And he started treating women like shit, too. He never treated another woman right. And with reason: one had already made him a stupid ass.

So, now it was time to beat a woman’s ass. And he’d do it too in a New York minute.

For example, when he found out that mom married Willie a month after their divorce was finalized, he went over to his new girlfriend’s house and knocked her in the head with an iron skillet. She had him arrested, but he didn’t care. He had found a new way to deal with the anguish and pain of losing the love of his life: alcohol and abuse.

I was messed up too. That bitch hurt me so bad that I couldn’t function in school. I ended up repeating the 6th grade, I was mad all the time, and I gained 50 pounds from overeating.

For three years, I wasted God’s time and mine praying that that woman would return. And one day, when I was around 14 years old, my dad told me how to deal with my pain: beat a woman’s ass or be a stupid ass.

From that point on, the prayers stopped and the ass beatings started. If a girl pissed me off, I’d beat her ass.  I stayed suspended a lot from school. I eventually got expelled, but so what? I just got a GED.

The best day of my life came when I got word from my grandma that my mom had died in a car crash. Her and that Willie Me had come from a party. They both were a little drunk and he was driving. She was so messed up from the wreck that they couldn’t show her remains at the funeral. Big deal!

I didn’t attend her funeral – why would I? I did, however, celebrate her death with a bottle of Colt 45. I was honored that dad joined me. He deserved that moment … we both did.

I hate my mom … I hope she’s burning in hell. I hate her for turning my dad into an abusive drunk. He didn’t fall in love or marry again. He didn’t trust women anymore. Yeah, he had girlfriends, but all they were to him were a good fuck.

My dad died crying three years ago. He wasn’t crying because of the pain from pancreatic cancer. He was crying because the woman he loved … that bitch of a mother of mine … never loved him back. That hurt him more than the cancer.

I hate my mom for making me a monster. She deserted me. I needed her … her love and comfort was an absence from my life. I couldn’t trust any woman after that – I just fuck their bodies and beat their asses. Had she not abandoned me, maybe I could’ve been the husband and father that Marlena and Alicia deserved.

Maybe I wouldn’t have done five years in prison for aggravated assault on my first wife, who divorced me while I was serving time.

I know deep within my heart it’s wrong to abuse Marlena, but I’m damaged goods … thanks to my mom. She fucked me over and now I’m gonna fuck over any woman that comes in my life.

So, do I regret making life a living hell for Marlena? Hell no. Somebody’s gotta pay for what that bitch I know as “mom” did to me, and since Marlena’s my wife, it might as well be her!

And she’s really gonna pay for making the same mistake my mom did: leaving me.

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