Ladies, Beware of the Mama Haters

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Unfortunately, there are men who verbally and physically abuse women. These stoned hearted men never speak a kind word or do a generous act for a woman. Men like this hate women. Chances are, for a lot of them, the first woman they hate is the woman responsible […]

The Biggest Mistake

Women are especially guilty of the above quote. How many of us know a woman who is smart and successful, yet they place all of their value on their partners – ignoring their own self-worth? For some women, the person they’re placing so much value on is worthless. They’re a big fat “0.” They are […]

A Lesson Learned in Life

There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t made a long term mistake regarding a relationship. We either loved, married or even liked the wrong person way too long. Something that should have taken us five minutes to get out of (you see this person is a rat, now run!) instead ended up taking us months […]

Drugs Are Not the Answer to Pain

We all have issues in life that bug us. It keeps our minds racing with questions such as “why did that have to happen?” or “did he/she mean that?” No matter your race, socioeconomic, gender or age, we all experience something in life that makes us think hard … very hard. Oftentimes, these issues shape […]

Tips on Creating a Better Life

Source: I think the above advice is awesome! Here’s why I agree with it 100%: Playing the victim card only makes you look weak. Let’s face it: society has no respect for weak people. They use them up until there’s nothing else left to use. Making excuses only keeps you from facing reality, and in […]

Advice on Conflict

Conflict is fine in a story. In fact, it’s necessary in order to “add flavor” to the story. However, having conflict in real life isn’t flavorful. It’s not even interesting. It’s just plain stressful! And life is too short for unnecessary stress. That’s why it’s best to follow the advice above. It’s a golden rule […]

Advice From a Tree

A Tree is beautiful and in the above image, wise too! In my opinion, this is what the creator of this wise tree is advising its readers: Stand tall and proud: Never, ever be ashamed of yourself. We’re all made different for the purpose of uniqueness. So, regardless of your race, height, weight, socioeconomic status, […]

The Best Revenge to Infidelity

Picture this: you just found out that your man (be it your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband) is cheating on you. You’re hurt; you’re hysterical! You want to cut some body parts off (the ones that aren’t legally visible) while screaming every profane name created by man in their faces. In other words, you’re mad as […]