Character Voice: Mrs. Stowe

Mrs. Stowe is Bernice’s personal assistant in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” I was born Eloise Douglas. Today, however, I’m known as Eloise Stowe, or Mrs. Stowe as people often call me, out of respect for my age. I’m 60+ years old. I stopped keeping track of my age when I got pass 60. I figured I’m […]

Character Voice: Rico Brown

Rico Brown is Bernice and Marlena’s younger brother in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” My name is Rico Brown. I got good looks that could’ve taken Hollywood by storm. It didn’t happen though for one reason: I’m a drug addict. Yeah, Hollywood is loaded with drug addicted actors, but they made it big first. I couldn’t do that. […]

Character Voice: Marlena Brown-Mason

Marlena Brown-Mason is Bernice’s sister and Otis’ wife in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” My name is Marlena Brown-Mason. I’m a housewife … an abused housewife. Life has had countless twists and turns for me. I reckon that’s typical, but for some reason, it just seems to be especially hard for me. The hard times started for me […]

Character Voice: Otis Mason

WARNING: This blog post contains obscene language. By no means does it reflect my views. It is strictly the viewpoint of the fictional character. Otis Mason is Marlena’s husband  in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” My name is Otis Lamar Mason. I was born in March of 1968 in Birmingham. According to my grandma, it was hot […]

Character Voice: Bernice Albright

Bernice Albright is the eldest sister and presumed matriarch in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” My name is Bernice Albright. I’m a romance novelist with 20+ novels to my name. All of my books have charted well on the New York Times Best Sellers List. I’ve also received countless accolades for my writing. I’ve been called “the […]