“The Women of Brewster Place”

It’s been about 25 years since I first read “The Women of Brewster Place” by Gloria Naylor. Nevertheless, this contemporary novel left enough impact on me to recommend it as a novel worth reading. “The Women of Brewster Place” is a fictional novel that focuses on the diverse attitudes and experiences of seven African-American women […]

Virtual Read: Love in San Juan

Love is beautiful. It’s because of its beauty that love stories are a pleasure to read. And speaking of a good love story, I enjoyed reading a fictional love story last year. Its title is “Love in San Juan” by Vinny Kapoor. Here’s my review of this 22 page eBook: This is a beautiful love […]

Virtual Read: A Day in the Life of the Pointless and Average

Have you ever at one point in life felt like you didn’t have a purpose for living? Surely, we all have. That’s the case with this eBook, written by indie author Shelly Hammond. This short eBook is about Evan Smith, an average guy living an average life. Throughout the story, he believes that his life […]

Virtual Read: A Child of a Crackhead (Part 1)

I just finished reading another eBook worth recommending. It’s called “A Child of a Crackhead.” The author of this urban lit is Shameek Speight. He’s the digital version of the late Donald Goines, a pioneer of urban fiction. So, here’s my review of “A Child of a Crackhead”: “A Child of a Crackhead” is about […]

Virtual Read: Messy Marvin

I recently completed reading another eBook. This one was by a self-published author named Kaye Wright. It’s entitled “Messy Marvin.” “Messy Marvin” is an autobiographical account of a young woman struggling for survival in an abusive relationship. The more her controlling boyfriend, Marvin, abuses her, the deeper she slips into the darkness that accompanies abuse: […]

Virtual Read: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

I’m like your typical author: I like to write and read. And I love to read a good story – no matter what the season is. I certainly didn’t care that it wasn’t Christmas when I recently read “I’ll be Home for Christmas” by bestselling author Zane. “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is the story […]