A Dash of Hope (Flash Fiction)

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Summary: Portia Sims is looking for love in the wrong place: the bedroom. When she’s having trouble finding it, she wonders is it because of her “secret.”

Portia stared at the digital clock on her nightstand. It was 11:45. It’s going to be another long, boring night, she thought, rolling her big eyes.

She longed to share her bed with a man instead of spending another lonely night lying between its cold, satiny sheets – alone. She wished she could snuggle in a man’s strong arms; her face pressed against his muscled chest. She’d give her soul to smell the masculine scent that derives from being a man.

She wanted to be in love.

Reality, however, stomped out her wishes. And the reality was that lately men ignored her like she was invisible. She couldn’t understand why they weren’t interested in a sexy woman like her anymore.

Maybe they know my secret, but how could they when I haven’t told anyone, she wondered.

At that moment, her smartphone rang. Recognizing the number, she smiled while answering it. “Hey Lamar,” she said erotically.

Since meeting a month ago at a party, Lamar Gaines only called Portia twice. Each call lasted less than 15 minutes. He never asked her anything about herself. To be exact, he was disinterested her … until now.

“Are you busy?” Lamar asked. Lamar wasn’t one to dwell in conversation circles. He preferred getting straight to the point; this way he got what he wanted quicker.


“You want some company?”

“Sure!” After giving him her L.A. apartment’s address, he hung up minus another word.

Portia powered off her phone, bounced off her queen sized bed, and prepared for her midnight guest – as well as the possibility of finding love with Lamar.

Twenty minutes later, when the doorbell rang, Portia opened the door while wearing a red, lace teddy. “Hello,” she said, with a sexy smile. She looked like a Playboy model as she stood in the doorway.

“Girl, you’re fine as hell,” Lamar commented, looking her curvaceous body up and down. Stepping inside, he wrapped his strong arms around her waist while kissing her. Growing hornier, he swept her off her feet. “Where’s the bedroom?” he asked hastily.

She pointed straight ahead. He hurried towards it.

After entering the white walled bedroom, Lamar put Portia down near the bed. She slowly undressed while he quickly took off his white shirt and Nike sneakers. When he took off his blue jeans – underwear wasn’t his specialty -, his bloated cock popped out of his jeans like a nude person out of a cake.

Portia smiled at his sizeable maleness. She loved nothing more than a “big man” who could fill her up. “This night won’t be boring after all!” she exclaimed.

Lamar ignored her remark as he flopped onto her bed. With his dark, toned body stretched out, he motioned for her to come closer.

She strolled sexily over to the bed. Getting on top of him, she attempted to kiss him. His hand blocked her face. “Go lower,” he demanded.

Without hesitation, Portia moved south of his body. He breathed hard like a panting dog as his body shivered from the pleasure her hot, watery mouth produced on his maleness. As her head bounced up and down, he tugged at her long hair like a rope. He didn’t care if he pulled it out; he was too busy enjoying her mouth service.

“I love you, girl,” he claimed, through intense breaths.

Wanting more of her body, Lamar withdrew himself from her mouth. Moving his body forward, he instructed her to turn around. It was then that he entered her womanhood from behind. He pumped away as she rested on her elbows and knees. Pleasurable murmurs escaped from both their mouths.

Again, Lamar loosely claimed his love as he exploded inside Portia’s body.

Although she enjoyed their physical contact, Portia adored something more: hearing the “L” word: love. She embraced it each time he said it. It was a word that she longed to hear from a man, especially since she knew her secret would scare a lot of them away.

Resting on the bed, Portia smiled and professed, “I love you, too.”

Lamar got up and dressed. He didn’t respond or look at Portia. Assuming he didn’t hear her light voice, Portia repeated herself.

After zipping his jeans, Lamar glanced at her. “Did you say something?”

“Yes. I said I love you. You said love me, remember?”

Lamar stared at Portia like she was crazy. “I don’t love you! I just wanted to fuck you.”

Portia’s mouth fell open. “What?”  She moved closed to the edge of the bed. “You told me that you love me!”

“Look, I have a fiancée. I love her – not you! I’m only here because she won’t sleep with me until we’re married, and I’m horny. I knew you’d be as easy as a cold to get.” He grinned at having achieved his sexual goal.

Tears bordered Portia’s eyelids. She thought there was a dash of hope that Lamar was interested in loving her, especially since he said the “L” word. “How could I be so stupid,” she cried out.

“It seems to be a natural thing for you,” Lamar coldly replied. He exited the apartment without saying goodbye.

Burying her face in her pillow, Portia cried uncontrollably. Like some many times before, a man used her body and exited her life – without loving her. Why does this keep happening to me, she wondered.

Suddenly her tears stopped. She even eased into a devilish smile.

In his rush to satisfy his horniness, Lamar failed to use protection. And Portia didn’t demand it. In fact, she engaged in unprotected sex with every man she slept with.

Thus, she gave them her secret.

This four-letter secret would change them and their partner’s health and personal lives forever.

So, whenever a man killed her dash of hope for love, Portia Sims always ended her tears with a ruthless smile. For she knew she had killed their lives.

Now who’s naturally stupid, she thought, laughing devilishly over Lamar’s fate.

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