A Lesson Learned in Life

There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t made a long term mistake regarding a relationship. We either loved, married or even liked the wrong person way too long. Something that should have taken us five minutes to get out of (you see this person is a rat, now run!) instead ended up taking us months […]

Drugs Are Not the Answer to Pain

We all have issues in life that bug us. It keeps our minds racing with questions such as “why did that have to happen?” or “did he/she mean that?” No matter your race, socioeconomic, gender or age, we all experience something in life that makes us think hard … very hard. Oftentimes, these issues shape […]

Old School Memory: The View-Master

One of my early childhood toys was the View-Master. I had this vintage item in the mid-late 1970s. Mine was red. I liked this toy because, looking back, it was like a little theater for your eyes only. All you had to do was insert the cardboard disk or reels into the toy, and watch […]

Internet Radio Interview with Artist First

On January 20th, I had the honor of being a guest on the Artist First Radio Network’s Book Show. In case you’re wondering what type of show this is, let me explain. The Artist First Radio Network Book Show is a live one hour radio show that features independent authors. It gives authors a chance […]