Good Person, Bad Choices

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at She raised her siblings well, but as they became adults, they made choices that caused their lives to be a living hell. -Excerpt, “Tomorrow Never Comes.” It’s common nowadays to see a person living a life that’s entirely wrong for them. They know the consequences of their choices […]

Reader Voices: “Tomorrow Never Comes”

I hope by now a lot of you have read “Tomorrow Never Comes.” If you have, I’m interested to know your thoughts on this short eBook. What do you think about the characters? Can you relate to any of them? Do they remind you of anyone? If you were the author, would you change the […]

Internet Radio Interview with Lynda D. Brown

This past Saturday, I had my first internet radio interview. It was on “The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown,” a St. Louis based web radio show. The host, Lynda D. Brown, talks to authors from various genres. The interview went well. I actually enjoyed it! I want to thank Ms. Brown for hosting […]

Character Voice: Mrs. Stowe

Mrs. Stowe is Bernice’s personal assistant in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” I was born Eloise Douglas. Today, however, I’m known as Eloise Stowe, or Mrs. Stowe as people often call me, out of respect for my age. I’m 60+ years old. I stopped keeping track of my age when I got pass 60. I figured I’m […]