Musical eBook Soundtrack: For All We Know by Donny Hathaway

Movies have soundtracks – always have and probably always will. What about books – be it print or digital? The only way a book has a musical soundtrack is when it becomes a movie. Given my creative nature, I am going to give my eBooks a musical soundtrack. Moreover, given my love for old school […]

My Weekend Getaway

Flickr Photo by rjones0856/Creative Commons Everybody needs a break from the daily grind of life. Even if you work at home, you still need to get away. That is exactly what I did last weekend with my best friend and sister, Carrie. Although we have plans to take sister trips to Europe and the Caribbean, we […]

Free Download Update- Thank You!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at On August 27-29th, “Tomorrow Never Comes” was available for free download. These were three good days: “Tomorrow Never Comes was downloaded 1,140 times (thank you, Jesus!). As a result, my eBook was in the top ten for free downloads on Amazon. Thank you, readers, for making this possible. I appreciate […]

Free Download “Tomorrow Never Comes” September 10th

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ “Tomorrow Never Comes” is free again. For today only, you can click on the following link to download this 33 page fictional eBook: I have one favor to ask: Please follow the instructions in the eBook by writing a review on Amazon. Reviews are important to an eBook’s existence. […]

Strength vs. Beauty: Which One is Better?

Image courtesy of niamwhan at In my fictional eBook, “Tomorrow Never Comes,” there are two factors present: strength and beauty. Bernice Albright, the eldest sibling, is courageous in the face of adversity. She has faced many obstacles that in the end, strengthen her. Marlena Mason-Brown, the middle sibling, is an exotically, beautiful woman. Unfortunately, […]

Tips on Creating a Better Life

Source: I think the above advice is awesome! Here’s why I agree with it 100%: Playing the victim card only makes you look weak. Let’s face it: society has no respect for weak people. They use them up until there’s nothing else left to use. Making excuses only keeps you from facing reality, and in […]