Free Download “Tomorrow Never Comes” Aug. 27-29th

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/  “Tomorrow Never Comes” is free for three days! Starting today, you can click on the following link to download my 33 page fictional eBook: I ask one favor in return: Please follow the instructions in the eBook by writing a review on Amazon. Reviews are important for an eBook’s existence. […]

Reality Check: Spousal Abuse

Flickr Photo by Etienne Valois/Creative Commons In my new eBook “Tomorrow Never Comes,” Marlena Brown-Mason is in an abusive marriage. She eventually leaves, yet is terrified that her husband, Otis Mason, will find her. While this is a fictional story, there is reality to it. And the reality is 2-4 million women are abused each year. […]

Character Voice: Otis Mason

WARNING: This blog post contains obscene language. By no means does it reflect my views. It is strictly the viewpoint of the fictional character. Otis Mason is Marlena’s husband  in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” My name is Otis Lamar Mason. I was born in March of 1968 in Birmingham. According to my grandma, it was hot […]

Advice on Conflict

Conflict is fine in a story. In fact, it’s necessary in order to “add flavor” to the story. However, having conflict in real life isn’t flavorful. It’s not even interesting. It’s just plain stressful! And life is too short for unnecessary stress. That’s why it’s best to follow the advice above. It’s a golden rule […]

Blog Interview with Susan Leigh Noble

On July 29th, author/blogger Susan Leigh Noble interviewed me for her blog, “Into Another World.” I’m grateful for this interview because it presents readers with an opportunity to discover a few details about me and my eBook, “Tomorrow Never Comes.” Also, Susan’s blog is worth reading. She interviews several talented authors – you just might […]