Virtual Read: A Child of a Crackhead (Part 1)

I just finished reading another eBook worth recommending. It’s called “A Child of a Crackhead.” The author of this urban lit is Shameek Speight. He’s the digital version of the late Donald Goines, a pioneer of urban fiction. So, here’s my review of “A Child of a Crackhead”: “A Child of a Crackhead” is about […]

Blog Interview with Rich B. Knight

On July 16th, I conducted my first blog interview. It’s posted on author Rich B. Knight’s blog. I answered a few questions regarding my eBook, “Tomorrow Never Comes.” Thanks, Rich, for hosting me and for doing a fine job. I enjoyed doing this short interview, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it.  Here’s the link […]

Character Voice: Bernice Albright

Bernice Albright is the eldest sister and presumed matriarch in “Tomorrow Never Comes.” My name is Bernice Albright. I’m a romance novelist with 20+ novels to my name. All of my books have charted well on the New York Times Best Sellers List. I’ve also received countless accolades for my writing. I’ve been called “the […]

Virtual Read: Messy Marvin

I recently completed reading another eBook. This one was by a self-published author named Kaye Wright. It’s entitled “Messy Marvin.” “Messy Marvin” is an autobiographical account of a young woman struggling for survival in an abusive relationship. The more her controlling boyfriend, Marvin, abuses her, the deeper she slips into the darkness that accompanies abuse: […]