“Tomorrow Never Comes”

Cover Design by Christine Rice of Christine Rice Publishing Services I feel so proud to announce the publication of my first fiction eBook. It’s entitled “Tomorrow Never Comes.” It’s available for download on Amazon now. I’m so excited! I’m excited for two reasons: 1) In nearly 19 years of writing, this is the first time […]

Much Love for Dog and Work

I love writing. It’s more than just a livelihood for me. It’s a passion. I also love Golden Retrievers. In my opinion, this large, long-coated breed is not only intelligent, friendly, and loyal. They’re also beautiful. I think they’re the most beautiful dogs to ever walk, run, and bark on earth. Maybe I’m prejudice in […]

Advice From a Tree

A Tree is beautiful and in the above image, wise too! In my opinion, this is what the creator of this wise tree is advising its readers: Stand tall and proud: Never, ever be ashamed of yourself. We’re all made different for the purpose of uniqueness. So, regardless of your race, height, weight, socioeconomic status, […]

Thank You, Ms. Maya Angelou

The late, great Maya Angelou was laid to rest this past weekend. I’d like to dedicate today’s post to her by sharing a portion of her inspiring words: Thank you, Ms. Angelou, for leaving us with encouraging words worthy of living our daily lives by. Your poems and stories will live on for generations to […]

Writing to the Tune of Music

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net Writing is a mental job that requires strong concentration. You can’t have your mind wondering all over the place (what will I eat for dinner, I need to pay the bills, etc.) while trying to create a character. It takes a lot of mental energy. So, quietness is the […]