Happy Memorial Day!

In lieu of a regular blog post today, I want to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day. Across the country, people will either attend memorial services or visit national cemeteries to place an American flag on the graves of military men and women. There will also be people having cookouts or just relaxing around the […]

Coffee: The Writer’s Beverage

I am Annie Jones’ granddaughter (bless her sweet, departed soul). She would sit in her chair with her two long, salt & pepper Indian braids, watch her soap opera, and drink a hot cup of Maxwell coffee. Some thirty plus years later, I too drink a hot cup of coffee while creating a soap opera […]

Why do I Write?

Everyone has a reason for the things they do. Sometimes it can be several reasons. Speaking for myself, I have three reasons for writing. So, exactly why do I sit at a computer everyday pushing out words? #1: It’s my God given talent: We’re all given a gift that we’re meant to pursue. For me […]

Virtual Read: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

I’m like your typical author: I like to write and read. And I love to read a good story – no matter what the season is. I certainly didn’t care that it wasn’t Christmas when I recently read “I’ll be Home for Christmas” by bestselling author Zane. “I’ll be Home for Christmas” is the story […]