“Her Married Lover” Video

I just created a YouTube video for my upcoming eBook, “Her Married Lover.” It’s nothing fancy; just simple and straight to the point about what the eBook will be about. Nonetheless, I hope that you will view it and enjoy it … enough to buy the eBook when it comes out! To view it, click […]

The Comfort of Working at Home: Bedroom Shoes

  People wonder what the greatest comfort about working at home is. There are many comforts: having your own workspace, creating your own hours, having peace minus office drama … the list goes on. One great comfort I can think of now is a simple one: bedroom shoes. I’m not fond of shoes. I wear […]

The Meddling Mother

She carried you for nine months and birthed you within hours. She made sure you had the essentials of life (food, clothing, shelter, and an education). She placed her needs on the backburner while yours took top priority. She protected you from all harm as best she could. She made sure that you were courageously […]

The Best Revenge to Infidelity

Picture this: you just found out that your man (be it your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband) is cheating on you. You’re hurt; you’re hysterical! You want to cut some body parts off (the ones that aren’t legally visible) while screaming every profane name created by man in their faces. In other words, you’re mad as […]